Stage hire

G Stages specialise in stage hire


We stock large quantities of interlocking decking and steel deck panels that can be used in many staging applications from indoor parties and weddings and fashion show catwalks, podiums to festival live and dj stages. We carry circular and triangular sections for making circular stages and wedge or polyhedral shaped stages. Steps handrails ramps and tiered decking can be constructed at any height. We also hire stage roofs and concert stages for any size event ranging from an 8m orbit stage with cantilevered roof and D- end section for backstage up to 16m wide pyramid orbit stages. These larger stages are built on a specially designed scaffold stage platform similar but better than standard kwickform. All our staging and stages are available for hire, delivered built and taken away by experienced G stages crew. All our stages are calculated engineered and built to the highest safety standards and signed off after each build by the project supervisor.

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